Study Visit to Stav Magazine

On 17th of February 2017, students from International University of Sarajevo (IUS) taking Media and Politics course in spring semester visited Stav Magazine in Sarajevo. The major aim of the visit was to give the possibility to students to learn throughout the practical information on news-gathering, news writing, and agenda setting, to connect and merge theory with practice. Students were hosted by Editor-in-Chief Mr. Filip Mursel Begovic, Mr. Nedim Hasic – editor, and Mr. Edib Kadic – journalist of Stav Magazine. During the visit Editor-in-Chief Mr. Begovic gave a lecture to the students explaining history and organization of Stav Magazine, its’ impact, relevance and significance in Bosnian society. Furthermore, in a fruitful discussion, lasting more than an hour, students posed several questions related to the functioning of Magazine and future of print media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, students during their visit to

In addition, students during a stay at Stav also visited web-portal (sister media of Magazine) where they had the opportunity to meet with Portal’s editorial staff and see how this media is organized as well.