Conference Papers and Presentations

A. Kulanić, “Impact of New Media on Youth Identity and values”, International Symposium on New Media and Youth, CBBS & TAOQ Reserach, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October 2016.

A. Kulanić, “Bosnian Perceptions of Turkish Foreign Policy”, in Intellectual Platform Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016.

A. Kulanić, Mulalic, M. , and Karic, M. , “Socio-Political Perceptions of New Religious Movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, in Second Sarajevo International Conference by FBA, Sarajevo, 2016.

A. Kulanić, “Post-Dayton’s State-Building Process in Bosnia-Herzegovina: domestic and international perspective”, in 20th Anniversary of Dayton Peace Agreement, Istanbul-Sarajevo, 2016.

A. Kulanic and Mulalic, M. , “Investing in Education and Economic Development in BiH: The Case of International University of Sarajevo”, in Smart Economic Planning and Industrial Policy (SEPIP), Istanbul, Turkey, 2015.

A. Kulanic and Osmić, A. , ““Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina Between Conservative Past and Liberal Future“”, in 2nd International Conference on Education, Culture and Identity, Sarajevo, BiH, 2015.

Draganovic and Kulanic, A. , “Demographical Issues in the Islamic Legal Thought in the Balkans After Second World War”, International Research Congress on Social Sciences. IUS, Sarajevo, 2015.A.

A. Kulanic and Draganovic, V. , “Development and Implementation of e-government in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, International Research Congress on Social Sciences. Sarajevo, 2015.

A. Kulanic, “Ideology vs National Interests: Russian and Turkish Foreign Policy in Balkans”, Turkish & Balkan Relations: Past, Present and Future, vol. 11. ADAM, Podgorica, Montenegro, 2014.